How to Request Materials 

Use our online catalog to place a hold (see upper right-hand corner of our website). 


Call 708-535-2027. Staff can help you select items. 

Please note: 

You can only request items available at our library. 

Items requested online will be checked out to you the next day. Phone requests will be checked out to you the same day. If not picked up in 7 days, items will be checked in and re-shelved.  

New DVDs and BluRays may only be ordered by phone and will only be held for 24 hours. 

All materials will be checked out for 3 weeks with NO auto-renewals. If you wish to renew, please call the library. 

How to Pick Up Materials 

  1. Pull into numbered spot in our parking lot 
  2. Wait inside your vehicle at all times.
  3. If on foot, wait 6 feet from other people. 
  4. Call 708-535-2027 and give staff your name. 
  5. Pop your trunk and wait for staff to deliver materials. 

Please note: 

If you don’t have a cell phone to call from the parking lot, call the library from home to make an appointment for a pickup time. 

If you can’t use your trunk, staff will place your materials in a bag on the pavement outside your car. 

In-Building Computer/Print/Copy/FAX/Scan 

Starting July 6, the library will be open by appointment for: 

  • Computer use (including printing) 
  • Copier/FAX/Scanner 
  • Printing documents sent from home 

Important Details 

  • For Midlothian cardholders only 
  • By phone appointment, for 1-hour time slots (appointments taken starting July 2) 
  • Appointment scheduling available 2 business days in advance 
  • One appointment per cardholder per coming 2-business-day period 
  • Walk-ins accepted at start of each time slot if space is available 
  • Masks required* 
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by responsible adult age 18 or older* 
  • Pay for Print/Scan/FAX/Copy by credit card, bills or coins at pay box. Staff cannot make change. Pay boxes take bills up to $5 when the box has adequate change. 
  • 6 feet of social distance will be observed.* 
  • If you need sound, please bring your own earbuds, as we will NOT be lending out headphones. 

* For all temporary amendments to the library's Patron Behavior Policy, please click here

Appointment Times: 

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 1:45 & 3:00 
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 1:00, 2:15, 3:30, 4:45 & 6:00 

Entry will be allowed between 5 minutes before the appointment time until 10 minutes after the appointment time. Doors will be locked outside of these times. Exit is expected within 10 minutes following appointment time. Computer stations, office machines, and pay boxes will be cleaned in between appointments. 

How to Print from Home

1.  Click here 


1.  Start from Under HOW DO I? go to TECHNOLOGY and click Print Anywhere. 


2.  Select Black & White or Color, type in your name, and upload a document or paste in the web address of the document you want to print. 
3.  Click the gray forward arrow twice. It will calculate the number of pages and the price.  
4.  To approve your job, click the green printer icon. 
5.  When you see, “Your request has been processed,” your job has been sent. 
6.  Jobs will be held for 24 hours. 

How to Sign Up for a Library Card 

Click “Card Signup” on the upper right-hand corner of our website and fill out the application. Your digital card will be immediately active for online materials only. 


Call 708-535-2027 OR email Materials Services Manager Sue Ross, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then, a library card application will be mailed to your home address. Fill out and return it in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. We will call you when your card is ready for curbside pickup, or we will mail it to you (your choice). 

Please note: 

Online card signup is only available to individuals age 13 and up. 

Resetting Your PIN

If you don’t know or don’t remember your PIN, do this:

Fine Amnesty

The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused economic hardship to many. Also, for reasons of public safety, cash handling should be avoided. Therefore, the Board of Trustees of Midlothian Public Library has approved a three-month fine amnesty period beginning June 3.

During this three-month period...

  • If you check out materials from Midlothian Public Library and they become overdue, you will not be charged fines.
  • If you return previously checked-out overdue materials, your fines on them will be forgiven.
  • If you previously returned overdue materials but have unpaid fines for them on your account, you can call the library at (708) 535-2027, and staff will forgive these fines.

Fine forgiveness is available to Midlothian cardholders only. This amnesty only covers overdue fines; cardholders will still be held responsible for charges for lost and damaged items and administrative fees for long-standing bills sent to a collection agency. Also, if an item is overdue for 42 days or more, you will be billed for the replacement cost of the item until the item is returned.

Need Help Choosing Materials?

We know it’s sometimes hard to select materials when you can’t browse the shelves. Here are some tools to help you.

Fill out a questionnaire to request personalized recommendations from our staff. If you complete one, staff will select books, audiobooks, or videos that match your interests and call you when they are ready to pick up.

Adult Book Request Form

Teen Book Request Form

Children's Book Request Form 

DVD/BluRay Request (All Ages) Form 

Audiobook Request (All Ages) Form  

Or, for a more “self-service” model… 

 Available through our Online Resources page, NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus are web resources that give you reading recommendations based on what books, authors, and series you have enjoyed in the past. See recommended reading lists, browse by genre, and narrow your searches by the characteristics of literature that you enjoy. NoveList K-8 Plus K-8 also includes reading level information, and with both, you can click a link to see if the library owns a specific book.

 Sign up for a newsletter from Dear Reader. Get a monthly newsletter of current titles based on the genres you like to read. 

 Check out this list of book review sites linked from our website.

eBooks & eResources

Above, click DIGITAL LIBRARY and E-MEDIA for a variety of eBooks and other resources available from the library. All are free, but some require a library card and/or PIN number, and some require a password. Please click the name of the resource for how to login. Those that require passwords will have the password on the resource page.

Do You Have a List of New Movies?

 Yes! We do have a list of our newest movies available through our online catalog. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the library website and on the across-the-top menu, click BOOKS & MEDIA.
  2. From the menu that opens up, go to MOVIES.
  3. From that drop-down menu, select New Movies.

Please note that DVDs and BluRays that have NEW status are normally "first come, first served" (i.e., for walk-ins), so our computer system is not set up for ordering them from the online catalog. During curbside, these will be available for phone order only, but if you use the list method above you will be able to know the selections before you call.


We can’t open our building for programs right now, but we will bring the programs to you—online or through take-and-make kits. Please see our online event calendar for details on what will happen and how to join.

Summer Reading

Despite the unusual circumstances, Summer Reading will go on! Click here for or more information on how to participate in “Reading Brings Us Close at Heart”: Social Distancing Summer Reading 2020:

Homebound Delivery Service

The library offers homebound delivery service to individuals permanently or temporarily confined to their homes. Individuals who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus due to age or health conditions are also welcome to use this service. Midlothian residents of all ages are eligible. Deliveries will be made contact-free in plastic boxes on your porch or a similar area at your residence.

To get started, just call the library at (708) 535-2027, and a library staff member will take your application by phone. Or go to and print out an application, which may be returned by U.S. mail, email, or FAX.

Once you are signed up, library staff will assist you in selecting reading, listening, and viewing materials and coordinate delivery to your home.


Due to the extreme caution required in the handling of materials at this time, we are not accepting donations of books or other media until further notice.

What Comes Next?

We know that many of you rely on our Internet-connected computers, printers, FAX, scanner, and copier for your personal business needs. This will be our next reopening priority. As soon as we have determined that we can open up for these services safely, we will announce our dates, times, and procedures for doing so.